Bahrain denies Danish MP and Human Rights Activist Entry to Celebrate Abdulhadi al-Khawaja’s 57th Birthday

On 3 April, Danish MP Lars Aslan Rasmussen and the Director of the Human Rights Defender program for Human Rights First (HRF) and advisor at Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR), Brian Dooley, attempted to visit Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, a prominent jailed Bahraini human rights activist, to celebrate al-Khawaja’s 57th birthday on 5 April. The pair[…]

TLHRC hearing calls on US to hold Bahraini govt accountable

On 9 September 2016, the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission of the US Congress (TLHRC) held a hearing to examine the US government’s response to the human rights crisis in Bahrain. Key experts who were asked to testify before TLHRC included Brian Dooley, Director of the Human Rights Defenders Program at Human Rights First (HRF);[…]

Survey claims Bahrain is “best country for expatriates,” ignores human rights violations

On March 12, a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) ranked Bahrain as the “best country in the world for expats.” According to the state-run Bahrain News Agency (BNA), 66 percent of those expatriates surveyed said they were “very happy” to live in the country. The BNA notes that “the kingdom[…]