ADHRB at HRC41 Condemns the Violation of the Rights of Female Migrant Workers in the UAE

On Thursday 27 June, during the 41st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) delivered an oral intervention during the Annual Full-Day Discussion on the Human Rights of Women. In the intervention, ADHRB discussed the issue of violence against women in the work place. Specifically,[…]

Migrants Seek Perilous Journey through Yemen as Entry-Way to the Gulf

Yemen has been facing ongoing violence, famine, and other disastrous elements of a four year war, and now the country is starting to see a migrant crisis brewing. Yemen has become a popular route for African migrants looking for work in the Gulf States or fleeing persecution, with some even staying in Yemen despite the[…]

Rise in suicides among migrant laborers in Bahrain gives testament to abysmal conditions and treatment workers endure

Over the past decade, there has been a rise in suicides in Bahrain, primarily among migrant workers. The rise in suicides is a testament to the abysmal conditions that these workers endure. Physical abuse, forced labor, debt bondage, poor living conditions, and isolation are among some of the reasons many expat workers feel the need[…]

HRC35 Item 3 Oral Intervention: Migrant Labor in Saudi Arabia

On 9 June 2017, ADHRB Advocacy Associate Tyler Pry delivered an oral intervention on behalf of ADHRB and BIRD during the 35th session of the Human Rights Council under the Item 3 Interactive Dialogue with the Rapporteur on migrants. In his intervention, Pry raised the issue of migrant labor in Saudi Arabia in the context[…]

GCC states claim “witchcraft” and “sorcery” is all around

The Royal Oman Police arrested two African nationals this week and charged them with crimes of practicing “sorcery.” Officers raided the house of the accused after they offered to heal an Omani citizen. Omani officials referred the two defendants to the Public Prosecution. The arrest of foreign nationals for sorcery in Oman is not an[…]