Mohamed Khatim Released and Temporarily Rearrested for Continuing to Peacefully Protest for Economic Reform

On 4 September 2018, after nine days of detention and hunger strike, Mohamed Khatim was released from government custody at Salmaniya hospital. Authorities  transferred him to the hospital from Dry Dock Detention Center due to his deteriorating health. However, police temporarily rearrested Khatim today after he continued to peacefully protest outside Bahrain’s Council of Ministers.[…]

Former Political Prisoner Mohamed Khatim Faces Harassment in Bahrain for Calling for Economic Reform

On 27 August 2018, Mohamed Khatim was arrested in front of the Ministry of Justice by Bahraini officials for peacefully protesting for his right to work. He had traveled to the Ministry of Justice with a banner demanding work so he would be able to support his family financially, and he said he would not[…]