Women in Saudi Arabia: from PE class to driving

Since 2013, Physical Education (PE) classes for girls in Saudi Arabia have only been open to those who attend private school. In these classes, the female students must abide by a “decent dress code” that complies with the rules of Sharia, as interpreted by the Government of Saudi Arabia. However, with the recent campaign, girls[…]

New laws won’t stop CPVPV harassment of women in Saudi Arabia

In April 2016, the government of Saudi Arabia announced it would no longer allow religious police, or the hay’a (commission), to request information from suspects or arrest civilians. The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) has now been instructed to report suspects of moral infractions to security forces and must have[…]

Combative Tweet Offers Look into How Saudis View Domestic Laborers

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia was atwitter with arguments over where the country should source its domestic workers. The sensitive subject matter was brought up via a national discussion around another controversial issue- the right for women to drive in the Kingdom- and has large implications on the future of human trafficking in the nation.[…]

GCC states claim “witchcraft” and “sorcery” is all around

The Royal Oman Police arrested two African nationals this week and charged them with crimes of practicing “sorcery.” Officers raided the house of the accused after they offered to heal an Omani citizen. Omani officials referred the two defendants to the Public Prosecution. The arrest of foreign nationals for sorcery in Oman is not an[…]

New Saudi Documentary Uncovers Life Behind the Facade

Sabria S. Jawhar, a writer for Arab News, has heavily criticized a new documentary called “Saudi Arabia Uncovered.” The documentary details the current state of Saudi Arabia, highlighting various ways in which its citizens lack basic human rights and authorities suppress free political expression. The documentary calls attention to the failing economy, conflict in the[…]