ADHRB Weekly Newsletter 39

Washington Commemorates 14 February

Last week, Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) hosted events on Capitol Hill and American University (AU) on the prospects for reform in Bahrain and what the United States and the international community can do to address the human rights and political crisis on the ground.
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Bahrain News

 Attacks on the Press 2013
 World Press Freedom Index 2014
 Insulting Bahrain’s King Now Punishable by Jail
 Fears of Violent Crackdown Ahead of Protests Congressmen Commemorate 14 Feb 
Rubio Notes Third Anniversary of Bahrain Protests
Rep. Hank Jonson Marks Bahrain Uprising Anniversary
Rep. McGovern Marks Bahrain Uprising Anniversary

Human Rights Activists Commemorate 14 Feb
 Bahrainis Take to the Streets
 Bahrain and the Future of Human Rights
 Maryam al-Khawaja on the Bahrain Anniversary

Commentary on Bahrain
 (No) Dialogue in Bahrain
 Bahrain: The Silent Revolution
 Bahrain’s PR Sheen Can’t Hide Abuse Allegations
 The Plight of Bahraini Citizens is Largely Ignored

Arabic Articles
MoI Denies Responsibility for Woman’s Death (Arabic)
Please click here for a PDF of this article in English
Number of Arrested Photographers Now 10 (Arabic)
Please click here for a PDF of this article in English

 Upcoming Events

February 18
1230 – 130 pm
Defense Budget Issues for FY15

February 19
1230 – 2 pm
Gulf Roundtable with Ambassador William J. Burns

February 19
2 – 4 pm
The Gulf States and the Contest for the Middle East

February 24
9 am – 1 pm
The Changing Role of Social Media in War and Protest