ADHRB Weekly Newsletter 52

Join the #FreeNabeel Campaign!

In four days, Bahraini human rights defender and prisoner of conscience Nabeel Rajab will be released from prison after serving a politically motivated sentence. In preparation for his release, please join ADHRB, Amnesty International, and other NGOs by taking a photo and sharing it on Twitter using #FreeNabeel!

Bahrain Sets Up Anti-Hate Committee
US Calls for Bahrain to Condemn Acts of Violence
 Bahrain Steps Up Crackdown on Protesters
Hagel Tells Arab States Not To Fear Iran Nuclear Talks
Working Group on Enforced Disappearances Concerned

Prince Nasser Accused of Torture
Torture Claims Hit Bahrain King’s Visit
Bahrain Refugee Accused Prince of Torture
 Britain Probes Validity of Bahraini Prince Immunity

Commentary on Bahrain
A Time to Call for Medial Neutrality
Link Between Sickle Cell, Detention and Tear Gas
 Maryam al-Khawaja On The Forgotten Arab Revolt

The UK and Bahrain
 UK Plans to Deport Bahraini Facing Imprisonment
It’s Time to Hold the British Establishment to Account
UK-Bahrain Relations Scrutinized as King Hamad Arrives
Prince Andrew Withdraws from Bahrain Promotional Event

  NGOs Statements on Bahrain
 Continued Harassment of Ahmed al-Arab
 Health Workers, Patients Under Attack
Activists in Bahrain Denounce Anti-Shia Policies
 Some Openness, Serious Concerns Remain

Upcoming Events

May 21
830 am
Exploring New Frontiers in Peacebuilding

May 22
930 am
HFAC Subcommittee Hearing: The GCC and Deepening Rifts and Emerging Chalenges

May 22
11 am
Supporting Democracy in a Tech-Empowered World

May 23
12 pm
To Make and Keep Peace: Among Ourselves and with All Nations