UPDATE: American Teen’s Trial Postponed in Bahrain

The trial of 17-year old U.S. citizen Abdulla Jaffar has been postponed until Wednesday, May 14 because there were no witnesses for the prosecution present. Though a U.S. Embassy representative was present in the courtroom on Tuesday, Abdulla’s family has expressed disappointment about the lack of action on the part of the U.S. government for their Virginia-born son.

Abdulla’s family was able to visit him in the prison this week and reported being shocked to see their already slim son suffering from noticeable weight loss. They also fear he may have developed a throat infection or tonsillitis and have urged their son to see the prison medics. They are very concerned for his health and well-being and that his detainment has been extended for another week. Abdulla Jaffar, a high school student, has already been forced to miss 2 consecutive months of schooling as a result of his detention. He also has very limited access to any study materials while in detention and no supplementary education is being provided.

In light of the lack of witnesses or evidence against Abdulla Jaffar, ADHRB calls for his immediate release from prison as well as the dismissal of all charges.

ADHRB reiterates our call for:

  • The U.S. government and Bahraini government to investigate any allegations of torture and abuse of Abdulla Jaffar, and to ensure that he is given proper medical treatment for his injuries and any pre-existing ailments.
  • A representative from the U.S. Embassy Manama to attend Abdulla Jaffar’s trial on May 14th to ensure no miscarriage of justice occurs.
  • The Bahraini government to ensure the protection of human rights and due process rights of all minors currently imprisoned in Bahrain.

Abdulla Jaffar was violently arrested on March 10 2014 on political charges and threatened with physical harm unless he falsely confessed. Read more background on his situation here: https://www.adhrb.org/2014/05/american-teen-on-trial-in-bahrain-calls-for-human-rights-protections-for-all-child-prisoners/

Take Action

Write an urgent email to your Member of Congress to express your concern about Abdulla Jaffar before his trial on May 14th using our template letter. Visit the following websites to find the online contact forms for your Representative and Senator.