US dual citizen serving two-year prison sentence in Bahrain

**Update: A Bahraini court of appeals upheld the two-year sentence against Abdulla Jaffar on 23 January 2017, exhausting his appeals process. ____________ 13 January 2016 – The Government of Bahrain has taken 19-year-old Virginia-born Bahraini-American citizen Abdulla Jaffar into custody. This arrest is meant to begin an arbitrary prison sentence passed against Jaffar almost two[…]

Tagi al-Maidan: January Champion for Justice

Tagi Abdalla al-Maidan is a 26-year-old US citizen who was born in Connecticut. He lived in Connecticut until he was four years old, after which his family moved to Saudi Arabia. In 2002, Tagi, his mother, Amina, and six siblings moved to Bahrain. Tagi’s mother is Bahraini and his father is Saudi, which also makes[…]

UPDATE: American Teen’s Trial Postponed in Bahrain

The trial of 17-year old U.S. citizen Abdulla Jaffar has been postponed until Wednesday, May 14 because there were no witnesses for the prosecution present. Though a U.S. Embassy representative was present in the courtroom on Tuesday, Abdulla’s family has expressed disappointment about the lack of action on the part of the U.S. government for[…]