Mapping Saudi State Chapter 2: The MOI (Part 1)

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In Mapping the Saudi State, Chapter 2: The Ministry of Interior (Part 1), ADHRB details the workings of the Saudi ministry tasked with ensuring internal stability and enforcing criminal law. Through an interactive presentation and a comprehensive written report, ADHRB focuses on how those ministry agencies most crucial to upholding domestic security frequently perpetrate systematic human rights violations. These materials outline the ministry’s history, structure, and close ties to the U.S. government while also profiling the actions and infringements of the police, special security forces, prison administration, and public prosecution bureau. In June 2015, ADHRB will continue its study of the ministry in Chapter 2: The Ministry of Interior (Part 2). This second section will cover the extensive human rights violations committed by the Mabahith (the ministry’s domestic intelligence service) and explain how ministry officials have used Saudi Arabia’s anti-terrorism court to persecute human rights defenders. After this full review of the Ministry of Interior’s record, ADHRB will offer a number of reforms that both respect the MOI’s security mandate while also curtailing the ability of its agencies to commit further rights violations.

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