Newsletter #107

United Nations OHCHR Calls Out Bahrain For Abuse and Detention of Political Prisoners

The OHCHR calls for the immediate release of political prisoners such as Sheikh Ali al-Salman and Nabeel Rajab and urges the “authorities to conduct impartial, speedy and effective investigations and to ensure that any victims of torture or ill-treatment have access to appropriate remedies.” In order to have a “lasting resolution to the instability” there needs to be a “genuine dialogue between the Government and the opposition without preconditions.”

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More from ADHRB

June Champions For Justice: The Prisoners of Jau
Upcoming Event:”Witness Bahrain” Screening 

UN-CAT Questions Detention of Nabeel Rajab

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Updates from the Ground in Bahrain

  • 34 people arrested, including children
  • 58 trials postponed
  • individuals sentenced to a total of 84 years in prison
  • Security forces continue to use excessive force including tear gas and shotgun pellets against protesters

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Bahrain News and Opinion

One Family Pays A Heavy Price For Demanding Democracy In Bahrain

A judge in Bahrain increased the prison sentence of Zainab al-Khawaja, 30, a human rights activist and mother of two, to more than five years.

A Quickly Stifled Attempt To Ease Suffering In Bahrain

Video from the New York Times: The crackdown on Bahrain’s health workers in 2011 and its aftermath.

Fighting Bahrain’s Sectarian Threat

Rocked by last week’s bombings of Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain’s government has responded with a series of statements against incitement and sectarianism.

Arabic Sources

100 days without a visit for Hasan Mushaima

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MOI Broadcasts Names,Photos, Confessions of Alleged Terrorist Before Their Trials

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Saudi Arabia



Mapping the Saudi State Ch. 3: The MOI (Part 2)

ADHRB continues its study of the Saudi ministry tasked with maintaining internal security and enforcing criminal law. ADHRB focuses on how the ministry has systematically persecuted human rights defenders and other nonviolent political dissidents.

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News from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Court Upholds Bloggers’ 10 Years and 1,000 Lashes
Saudi Names Suspects In Mosque Bombings, offers $1 million bounty
Saudi Arabia: Spike In Executions