ADHRB at HRC55 raised concerns about Bahrain’s failure in adhering to the recommendations of the UPR

On 26th March 2024, ADHRB delivered an intervention at the United Nation Human Rights Council session 55 under item 6 during the General debate. ADHRB raised concerns about Bahrain’s failure in adhering to the recommendations of the UPR.

Despite the Bahraini government’s pledge to abide by the recommendations of the Fourth Universal Periodic Review, we express concern about the seriousness of its commitment to implementing the promised reforms. Recently, we have observed with concern the government’s restriction of freedom of expression by suppressing protests supporting Palestinians and condemning the genocide in Gaza, issuing summonses, and arresting citizens, including at least fifty minors, some of whom are still under trial.

Bahrain pledged to ensure accountability for torture victims, eliminate religious discrimination, release all prisoners of conscience, and protect the right to freedom of expression and assembly. However, despite supporting these recommendations, Bahrain continues its restrictive policies. Victims of torture-obtained confessions remain imprisoned and face horrifying physical and psychological torture, while the perpetrators remain unpunished. This reality prompted detainees to repeatedly go on life-risking hunger strikes as a protest against their poor conditions, despite their worsening health conditions.

We urge the international community to pressure Bahrain to fulfill its pledge to implement the UPR recommendations, halt systematic human rights violations, and achieve genuine reform.