Irritated Profits: Lockheed and Boeing Downplay Human Rights Violations in Yemen

Defense contractors Lockheed Martin and Boeing remain committed to supplying Saudi-led coalition forces with arms despite strong evidence of human rights abuses caused by the bombing campaign in Yemen.  At the recent Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference in Washington DC, Lockheed executive Ronald L. Perrilloux Jr. and Boeing vice president Jeffrey Kohler emphasized the importance of the[…]

Prisoner Profile: Kamal and Mohammed al-Darat

Emirati security forces have been holding Libyan-American citizens Kamal and Mohammed al-Darat in detention for over a year without charge. Authorities detained the al-Darats in August 2014 along with eight others whom UAE authorities suspected to be tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, a designated terrorist organization in the UAE. Members of the al-Darat family state[…]

Labor Reforms in Qatar & UAE Require More than Rhetoric

The international community has devoted an unprecedented level of attention to migrant labor abuses in Qatar since its successful bid to host the 2022 World Cup. NGOs and governments alike have called on the Qatari government to increase protections for migrant workers amidst a slew of abuses. Qatar has not been alone in facing international[…]

Proven Human Rights Abusers Don’t Get to Set the Record Straight

During the 2011 uprising, Bahrain’s human rights abuses took center stage when security forces used excessive force against peaceful pro-democracy protests. Since then, evidence of human rights abuses by the government continues to mount. Although widespread documentation of the government’s use of torture, arbitrary detention, and flawed trials makes it difficult for Bahrain to cover[…]

REEMA SHALLAN: In Bahrain, the Prisons are for the Reformers

The people of Bahrain are currently facing an unprecedented attack on their human rights. Since 14 February 2011, the government has detained thousands of non-violent demonstrators for their involvement in pro-democracy protests. Unfortunately, these arrests are just the first in a series of state-sanctioned human rights violations that pervade the Bahraini criminal justice system. After[…]