Profile in Persecution: Saeed Abdulla Alaali

Saeed Abdulla Alaali was arbitrarily arrested by Bahraini authorities on his 25th birthday, 21 September 2016. During his detention, he was subjected to several human rights violations. Since February 2018, Saeed has been held in Jau Prison. At 2am on 21 September 2016, police forces from the Ministry of Interior, officers in civilian clothes, as[…]

Bahrain Convicts 51 People in Mass Trial Marred by Torture Confessions Due Process Violations

51 people have been convicted in a mass trial by Bahrain’s High Criminal Court; At least 27 of the 51 convicted were sentenced in absentia; Defendants accused of establishing a militant group under guidance of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and plotting to commit acts of sabotage; Convictions come amidst recent escalation of government crackdown[…]

Profiles in Prosecution: Mohamed Radhi Hasan

Born in 1992, Mohamed Radhi Hasan is a Bahraini student facing an imminent risk of execution. At the age of 23, Bahraini authorities arbitrarily detained Mohamed and subjected him to multiple human rights violations. He is currently detained at Jau Prison. On 1 August 2015, National Security Agency (NSA) officers arrested Mohamed at his house[…]

Whitewashing 101: A Guide on Bahrain’s methods in covering up their human rights abuses

Nine years have passed since the Bahraini people took to the streets calling for political reform and respect for human rights. Since then, the only progress the Government of Bahrain has achieved is the advancement of its whitewashing strategies. Through sham oversight bodies and their respective social media platforms, the Bahraini ruling family has invested[…]

UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention Opinion: Nine more Bahrainis are being arbitrarily detained suffering numerous violations of human rights

 The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) has formed an Opinion on 18 September 2020 (No.41/2020) concerning Husain Ali Hasan Khamis and eight other Bahraini citizens, recently published on the website of the Working Group and reflected in its annual report to the Human Rights Council. The Opinion, adopted by the Working Group[…]