ADHRB submits report ahead of the UAE’s review under the Convention against Torture

In August 2019, Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) submitted a report to the Committee against Torture ahead of the Committee’s review of the United Arab Emirates. In the report, ADHRB examined how Emirati security forces torture and abuse detainees both within the United Arab Emirates as well as in secret prisons[…]

Bahrain Using Whitewashing Organizations for Human Rights Abuses

In today’s world of expanding global connectivity grounded by the law-based international community established after World War 2, human rights violations are an ever growing concern. It is an issue that has become a benchmark for a state’s legitimacy on the world stage. In an attempt to claim that legitimacy, states like the Kingdom of[…]

ADHRB Publishes Report on Torture in Kuwait

For Kuwait’s review at the 58th Session of the Committee against Torture, ADHRB published and submitted a shadow report on Kuwait’s compliance with its obligations under the Convention against Torture (CAT). The report, published on the UN website, is written to provide accurate and detailed answers to questions posed to Kuwait by the Committee on issues[…]

Saudi Executions Continue at an Alarming Rate

On 1 June the Specialized Criminal Court (SCC) of Saudi Arabia handed down 14 death sentences, reportedly the largest mass death sentence in the kingdom’s history. The court also issued nine prison sentences and one acquittal in the trial. All charges were in relation to an alleged attack on police forces in the predominantly Shia Eastern[…]

UN Committee Raises Torture Concerns with Saudi Arabia

The United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT) recently adopted its concluding observations on the second periodic report of Saudi Arabia. Although the Committee outlined some positive measures undertaken by the Government of Saudi Arabia, it devoted the vast majority of its report to areas of concern, casting aspersions over the government’s will and ability to[…]