ADHRB submits written statement on Saudi Arabia to the Human Rights Council

On the occasion of the 33nd session of the Human Rights Council, ADHRB in conjunction with partner organizations submitted a written statement to the Council regarding the ongoing and widespread human rights violations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Please continue reading for the full text, or click here to read a PDF of the statement,[…]

FIFA Rewards Qatar for Abysmal Human Rights Record

In December 2010, Qatar was named the 2022 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup host. Since the announcement, Qatar’s construction industry has since grown exponentially in an effort to complete the many infrastructure projects that the tournament requires. The upcoming World Cup requires new infrastructure capable of housing the games and accommodating the[…]

ADHRB Deeply Concerned over Migrant Food Crisis in Saudi Arabia

More than 10,000 Indian workers have recently lost their jobs in Saudi Arabia, and many of them had previously gone months without payment. Vikas Swarup, a spokesman for the Indian foreign ministry, has estimated that over 7,700 workers living in 20 labor camps are food insecure. The workers were unable to leave Saudi Arabia upon[…]

Recent Mall Fire in Qatar Highlights Human Trafficking Abuses

On 20 July 2016, a fire broke out at the construction site of Tawar Mall near Al Duhail, Qatar. Hundreds of construction workers, most of them migrant workers, evacuated the site. While the Qatari Ministry of Interior reported no casualties, it remains unclear whether the thick, black smoke that billowed from the scene affected any[…]

Spotlight on Qatar: Labor Rights & Corporate Complicity

Rajan, a migrant worker from Nepal, is currently building the biggest shopping mall in Doha, Qatar. He recently told The Guardian that his employer confiscated his passport and cut his salary last summer.  He alleges that his employer, a subsidiary of a major U.K.-based construction firm, has prohibited him from leaving the country. When he[…]