“Throw Migrant workers into the Desert”: How COVID-19 Exacerbates the Suffering of Kuwait’s Invisible Workers

The coronavirus pandemic is an all-encompassing world-wide problem, and has affected an incalculable number of countries, regions and facets of society. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable people in society are proving to be the worst hit. One particularly vulnerable group in this time of crisis are the migrant workers in Kuwait. A series of Arab celebrities[…]

US State Department Keeps Bahrain on Tier 1 in 2019 TIP Report, Ignoring Concerns

10 July 2019 – On 20 June, the United States (US) Department of State (DoS) released its 2019 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report, which assesses the actions individual countries are taking to combat human trafficking. Countries are rated on their efforts and progress according to a four-‘tier’ system, with Tier 1 being the highest ranking.[…]

UAE Migrant and Domestic Workers Abuse

The treatment of domestic and migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is deeply troubling as there appears to be an intrinsic crossover between the UAE’s desired economic superiority and the exploitation of hundreds of thousands of workers. The kafala system, a type of visa sponsorship system, is used in the UAE and contributes[…]

Death of Ethiopian Domestic Worker in Kuwait Emphasizes the Dangers of Abuse for Migrant Workers

In October 2018, an Ethiopian domestic worker in Kuwait was found dead in her room after being reported missing for seven hours. Authorities suspect that she was abused and killed due to her “lack of concern for the cleanliness of the house.” This domestic worker’s death highlights a pattern of abuses against migrant workers in[…]

Qatar’s Migrant Workers’ Rights a Cause for Great Concern in the Face of the 2022 World Cup

In 2010, Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup that has since fielded corruption allegations, into which investigations are still ongoing. A leading question surfacing after the announcement, among other environmental and climate concerns, revolved around the nation’s lack of necessary infrastructure to host such a high-profile, global event that many[…]