Freedom for the Bahrain 13 Campaign

BAHRAIN 13 The “Bahrain 13″ are a group of prominent opposition prisoners in Bahrain who were arrested in March 2011 for their calls for civil and political rights and justice during the 14 February Uprising. They have been sentenced for up to life imprisonment after facing systematic ill treatment or torture during their arrest and[…]

Take Action for Hussain Hubail & Press Freedom

This month, ADHRB’s Champion for Justice is freelance photographer Hussain Hubail, who was arbitrarily arrested, tortured and sentenced to 5 years in prison for taking pictures of the pro-democracy protests in Bahrain. His appeal is set for Sunday June 22nd, 2014. Join us on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook on June 20th by using hashtag #FreeHubail in your posts.[…]

Hussain Hubail: June’s Champion for Justice

Hussain Hubail Hussain Hubail is an award-winning freelance photographer whose work has been published by Agence France-Presse, Voice of America and various other news outlets. His work includes photographs of the pro-democracy protests in Bahrain. In May 2013, independent newspaper Al-Wasat awarded him a prize for his photograph of protesters running through a cloud of tear[…]

2ND UPDATE: Bahrain Courts Postpone American Teen’s Trial Yet Again

Bahrain prosecutors further delayed proceedings in the case of 17-year old Virginia native, Abdulla Jaffar, postponing his trial until 28 May 2014. The reason given was that no witnesses were present in the court to testify. The continued detention of Abdulla Jaffar despite a lack of evidence or witnesses to any criminal act is further[…]

UPDATE: American Teen’s Trial Postponed in Bahrain

The trial of 17-year old U.S. citizen Abdulla Jaffar has been postponed until Wednesday, May 14 because there were no witnesses for the prosecution present. Though a U.S. Embassy representative was present in the courtroom on Tuesday, Abdulla’s family has expressed disappointment about the lack of action on the part of the U.S. government for[…]