HRC32: ADHRB calls for special session on Bahrain

On June 22, ADHRB Executive Director Husain Abdulla delivered an oral intervention at the 32nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva under Item 4.  Please continue reading for full remarks or click here to download a PDF. Mr. President, Alsalam Foundation together with Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain and the Bahrain[…]

@ADHRB provides live updates regarding Bahrain on Twitter

In the past three weeks, Bahrain has witnessed unrelenting deterioration, the extent of which has been unseen since 2011. Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain will continue to provide updates as the situation unfolds in Bahrain on its Twitter feed @ADHRB. On 30 May, the Government of Bahrain increased the sentence of Sheikh[…]

Bahrain Arrests Rights Defender Nabeel Rajab, NGOs demand immediate release

13 June 2016 – Bahrain security forces arrested leading human rights defender Nabeel Rajab, President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR),  Founding Director of the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) and Deputy Secretary General of FIDH, early this morning. The arrest comes on the first day of the United Nations Human Rights[…]

State Department “monitoring” continued detention of mother and baby

On 23 May 2016, a reporter raised the case of Zainab al-Khawaja and her infant son during the U.S. Department of State’s Daily Press Briefing. “She’s sick, and the family can’t get the one-year-old out of prison. Is this an issue, or is this okay with you guys?” asked one reporter. In response, the State[…]

In or Out of Prison, Bahraini HRDs Face Hard Times

The situation of human rights defenders and activists in Bahrain is precarious. Today, one of the most prominent of these activists, Zainab al-Khawaja, sits in a prison cell along with her infant son. She is sick with the flu and her family has been denied access to care for her or her child. Zainab al-Khawaja[…]