Bahrain: Foreign Minister glosses over rights record at UN General Assembly

27 September 2016 – Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Khalid Al Khalifa delivered a statement yesterday on behalf of the Kingdom of Bahrain at the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly. The undersigned NGOs condemn the Foreign Minister’s misleading and unconstructive remarks as the Bahraini government continues its campaign to conceal its human rights violations[…]

ADHRB submits written statement on Bahrain to the Human Rights Council

On the occasion of the 33nd session of the Human Rights Council, ADHRB in conjunction with partner organizations submitted a written statement to the Council regarding the ongoing, and recently intensified, suppression of civil society in Bahrain. Please continue reading for the full text, or click here to read a PDF of the statement, and click[…]

Ghada Jamsheer at risk of re-arrest for tweets

Bahraini human rights defender Ghada Jamsheer is in danger of being re-arrested following the decision of an appeals court to increase her sentence. The charges are in relation to several tweets attributed to Jamsheer in which she accused the royally-operated King Hamad Hospital of corruption. Jamsheer leads  a network of women human rights defenders (WHRDs)[…]

Women leaders of Bahrain’s cyberactivist movement

Cyberactivists, those who organize, document or participate in political protests and social movements through online communications, played a large role in the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011. The widespread use of social media websites, including Twitter and Facebook, allowed citizens abroad to shed light on the practices of oppressive governments in the Middle East and[…]

Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Bahrain: Authorities Close Al-Wefaq Political Society

On 14 June 2016, the Justice and Islamic Affairs Ministry of Bahrain filed a legal request to suspend and freeze the assets of Al-Wefaq, the country’s largest opposition society. Hours later, a Bahraini court made an expedited ruling and approved the request. The court has scheduled a hearing on 6 October to decide whether to[…]