Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney TD Addresses TD’s Concerns regarding the Threat of Imminent Execution of Mohamed Ramadhan and Hussain Moosa

Members of the Dáil Éireann engaged in a set of Parliamentary Questions, posing oral questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney (Fine Gael – Cork South-Central). Over the course of these questions, several TDs challenged the Foreign Minister on the human rights situation in Bahrain, and specifically on the cases of[…]

Bahrain: Halt Executions of Two Men Unfairly Convicted – 16 Rights Groups Appeal to King to Commute Sentences

23 July 2020 – King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa of Bahrain should commute the death sentences of Mohamed Ramadan and Hussein Ali Moosa, 16 international and Bahraini rights groups said today in a joint letter to the king. The men were not afforded a fair trial and their allegations of torture were not adequately investigated. Security forces[…]

Ambassador Siberell: “Is No Friend to Human Rights”

 United States Ambassador Justin Hicks Siberell is a career diplomat and counterterrorism expert who is ending his nearly three-year posting in Manama, Bahrain. Before his ambassadorship, he served in missions in five countries across three continents and served as acting Counterterrorism Coordinator for the State Department. Far from a political appointee, Ambassador Siberell is an[…]

Bahrain: Torture victims at risk of execution in Bahrain following court ruling

13 July 2020 – Bahrain’s highest court, the Court of Cassation, has confirmed the reimposition of death sentences against torture victims Mohamed Ramadhan and Husain Moosa, who have now exhausted legal remedies and are at risk of imminent execution, pending ratification by Bahrain’s king, the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) stated today. Mohammed’s[…]

Football Club Takeover by Bahraini Royal Family: Warned a ‘whitewash’ by Spanish MP Adelante

On the 26 June 2020, Spanish political party Adelante released a public statement concerning the Bahraini Royal Family purchase of Spanish football club, Córdoba FC. Luzmarina Dorado, Member of Parliament for Adelante Andalucía for Córdoba, warned that the Bahraini Royal Family intends to use the purchase as a means to strengthen its public image so[…]