Reprisal Against Human Rights Defenders in Saudi Arabia

The Price of Participating at the Human Rights Council is too exorbitant Human right defenders have suffered greatly from reprisals due to their activism and involvement with international human rights organizations, such as the United Nations (UN), and the Human Rights Council (HRC), among others . ADHRB has, and continues to monitor the situation in[…]

France’s Double Standards

Q: Can France be a leader in regard to freedom of expression when artists / journalists are killed in the countries supported by France?  In a democracy, freedom of expression is a fundamental right which cannot be compromised. Historically, France has taken a leading role in regard to free speech. Dating back to the French[…]

Free Saudi Activitis commemorating two-year anniversary of the saudi government’s arrest and torture of women’s rights defenders

COALITION TO HOST A WEBINAR ON MAY 15 PROVIDING UPDATES ON PRISONERS, STATE OF WOMEN’S HUMAN RIGHTS IN SAUDI ARABIA AND CAMPAIGN PROGRESS  MAY 15, 2020 – Free Saudi Activists, a coalition of women human rights defenders advocating for the release of women’s rights activists from prison, is commemorating the two-year anniversary of the Saudi[…]

French MP Jean-Luc Lagleize questions the Minister for Europe And Foreign Affairs referring to the serious human rights violations in Bahrain

Paris, Jean-Luc Lagleize’s a member of the French Parliament posed a questions to the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs regarding serious human right violations occurring in Bahrain were published on the French government’s website. Jean-Luc Lagleize is a French politician member of the Democratic Movement (Mouvement Démocrate) and the Economic Affairs Committee. In[…]

The Cordoba Football Club: A New Tool of Sport Whitewash to Cover Human Rights Violations in Bahrain

13 May 2020 – Yesterday, the Spanish national newspaper El Mundo the second largest newspaper in the country published an article denouncing the latest Bahraini ruling family’s attempt to bolster their public image, following their purchase and control of the Cordoba Football Club. The club was acquired by the Bahraini Infinity Company last December, and[…]