Profile in Persecution: Mahmood AbdulJabbar Nooh

Mahmood AbdulJabbar Nooh is a student who is currently serving a ten-year sentence at Bahrain’s New Dry Dock Prison. He was 17 years old at the time of his arrest in 2019 and was subjected to torture and due process violations throughout his interrogation and detention process. Mahmood was arrested on 13 November 2019 by[…]

Updated Profile in Persecution: Hassan Mushaima

Hassan Mushaima is a prominent Bahraini opposition figure and political prisoner who has been serving his life sentence in Jau Prison since 2011 after being charged with attempting to overthrow the government in light of his role in the pro-democracy demonstrations. During his imprisonment, authorities have been subjecting the 74-year-old to maltreatment and medical negligence.[…]

Profile in Persecution: Mohamed, Muqtada, and Muntadher Jaafar AlKuwaiti 

Mohamed, Muqtada, and Muntadher AlKuwaiti are three young brothers who were only between 14 and 15 years old when they were arrested in 2021. They suffered various violations for months considering their young age and have been sentenced to a year in prison. They are currently serving their sentence at a center for orphans and children[…]

Profile in Persecution: Ali Mohsen Muhana

Ali Mohsen Muhana is a Bahraini activist, father of political prisoner Husain Muhana, and an ex-political prisoner himself. After being tortured and imprisoned for participating in the AlDiraz demonstrations in 2017, he has repeatedly faced legal measures from summons to detention as acts of reprisal against his activism and demands for the release of prisoners[…]