Profile in Persecution: Hasan Ahmed Radhi Mohamed ( Sarhan )

Hasan Ahmed Radhi Mohamed was a recent high school graduate when Bahraini authorities arrested him in 2012.  He has been subjected to human rights violations on multiple occasions, including torture and unfair trial when was charged in the case of establishing and joining a terrorist cell, the February 14 Coalition, as well as in other[…]

Profile in persecution: Husain Abdulla Marhoon Rashed

Husain Abdulla Marhoon Rashed is a 31 years old bahraini from Al Diraz, who was warrantlessly arrested in 2017, tortured and charged in a terrorist case. He faced numerous violations in fair trial procedures, which led him to confess to the charges brought against him. He was sentenced to death, and after exhausting all legal[…]

Profile in Persecution: Ebrahim Yusuf AlSamahiji

Ebrahim Yusuf Ali Ebrahim AlSamahiji is a 46 year old Bahraini from Al Freij, who was warrantlessly arrested in 2015, tortured, and charged in a terrorist case known as the “Nuwaidrat warehouse case”. He is currently serving his sentence at Jau prison.   On 15 October 2015, police cars and masked officers in civilian clothing surrounded[…]

Profile in Persecution: Jaafar Ali Mohamed

Jaafar Ali Mohamed is a 32-year-old Bahraini citizen, who was an active participant in social activities in the Al-Qurayyah village, was warrantlessly arrested in 2014  and is currently serving his life sentence in Jau Prison. Previously, Jaafar had been arrested twice before. On 13 April 2012, he was arrested for the first time during a[…]

Profile in Persecution: Sayed Mujtaba Alawi AlKhabbaz

Sayed Mujtaba Alawi AlKhabbaz, a university student in his first semester of computer engineering, was only 17 years old when he was warrantlessly arrested in Ghuraifa. Sayed has since been subjected to severe torture and ill-treatment at the hands of the Bahraini authorities who have deprived him of the chance to complete his higher education.[…]