ADHRB Counters Government’s ‘Completion of BICI’

The Government of Bahrain held a ceremony on 9 May to mark the “completion of the implementation of the 26 recommendations” put forth by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) in 2011. Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) is concerned that this celebration represents a disingenuous attempt to obfuscate grave ongoing[…]

Senators Speak Out Against the Deteriorating Human Rights Situation in Bahrain

On February 14, 2016, the fifth anniversary of mass pro-democracy protests in Bahrain, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) called on the Government of Bahrain to commit to reviving a national dialogue process to promote tangible reforms in a public statement. He noted that on February 14, 2011, the mass-democracy protests “ended in a bloody crackdown” and[…]

State Department Commemorates 5th Anniversary by Calling for More Reforms

On 17 February, the US Department of State (DoS) issued a statement commemorating the fifth anniversary of Bahrain’s pro-democracy uprising in 2011 when “Bahrainis from all backgrounds called for political reforms that would bring greater respect for their universal rights and fundamental freedoms.” In particular, the DoS acknowledges that though Bahrain has created institutions to “improve oversight of security institutions…more work[…]

NGOs Commemorate the Five-Year Anniversary of Bahrain’s Peaceful Uprising

12 February 2016 – Five years ago, hundreds of thousands of Bahrainis took to the streets to call for democratic reform and an end to discriminatory government policies. The Government of Bahrain responded violently, deploying security forces who used excessive force to quell peaceful protests.  Their tactics have resulted in thousands of arrests, hundreds of[…]

Structural flaws in Bahrain’s National Institution for Human Rights impact its report writing

Opposition group al-Wefaq expressed “deep disappointment” on the content of Bahrain’s National Institution for Human Rights’ annual report. In a statement, al-Wefaq alleged that the report’s content is “far from reality” and “has disregarded many of the blatant violations taking place” in Bahrain. The opposition group asserted that “impunity is the most significant issue missing[…]