Bahrain’s Pro-Democracy Movement in Ireland

21 March 2019 – Bahrain’s pro-democracy movement has evolved into a borderless campaign, one that has garnered political support across the globe through citizens’ initiatives, NGO campaigns, and government-sanctioned policy plans. The level of attention evidenced by the people of Ireland to the deteriorating human rights situation in Bahrain, a country thousands of miles away,[…]

ADHRB Hosts “Assessing Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf” at American University

14 February 2019 – On 13 February 2019, Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) held a panel for students at American University’s (AU) School of International Service (SIS) on the human rights status in Bahrain, entitled “Addressing Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf.” Jeff Bachman, Genocide scholar at AU,[…]

ADHRB Event at the Italian Senate: “8 Years Later Bahrain is Still Struggling for Human Rights, Democracy, and Justice”

Speakers: Maryam Al-Khawaja, leading human rights activist/GCHR Cristina Sugoni, ADHRB Riccardo Noury, Amnesty International Brian Dooley, Human Rights First Moderating and hosting the event: Senator Alberto Airola Find the Italian translation of the event summary here. Senator Alberto Airola opened the event by stating that it is clear that in the current geopolitical landscape, Bahrain[…]

ADHRB Commemorates February 14 and Calls for Action from the International Community, US, and UK

14 February 2019 – Today marks the eighth anniversary of the mass pro-democracy movement in Bahrain, when tens of thousands of Bahraini citizens peacefully demonstrated around the country, calling for democratic reform and respect for human rights. However, as we commemorate this day, we condemn the Bahraini government’s violent suppression of the movement and its[…]

Champions for Justice: Bahrain’s Pro-Democracy Movement

Five years ago this week, hundreds of thousands of people rose up in support of democracy and human rights in Bahrain. After enduring decades of structural inequalities, corruption, and repression, nearly half the country’s citizen population gathered to demand reform. The government responded swiftly, and severely. Riot police flooded the streets, employing excessive and indiscriminate[…]