UPDATED: Bahrain Harasses Shia Clerics Ahead of Ashura Amid Wider Attack on Religious Freedom

**Updated 07 November 2018 – Individuals detained during Ashura, including AbdulMajeed Abdulla Mohsen, have been released except for one. However, clerics continue to be targeted, with two other clerics arrested on 29 October due to their religious discourse around Ashura. **Updated 26 October 2018 – There are clerics who remain in detention since September. On 19 September, AbdulMajeed[…]

Bahrain UN Side Event on Religious Tolerance Omits Rampant Discrimination and Abuse

2 October 2018 – On 29 September, the Bahraini government launched a renewed effort to whitewash its abysmal record of state-sponsored religious discrimination in one of the world’s most prominent international forums. At a side event in New York City, coinciding with the 73rd Session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly (GA), Bahraini officials[…]

Profiles in Persecution: Sheikh Hasan Isa

Sheikh Hasan Isa Marzooq is a 47-year-old Bahraini Shia cleric who has been targeted for religious and political persecution. He was arbitrarily arrested, threatened, and subjected to an unfair trial. He currently remains in Jau Prison, where authorities continue to deprive him of medical care. Sheikh Hasan formerly served as a Member of Parliament for[…]

Rather than Address Shia Discrimination in Bahrain, US Officials Praise its Whitewashing Efforts

27 July 2018 – Yesterday, Bahrain announced the appointment of an Ambassador-at-Large for Peaceful Coexistence and Religious Freedom. This announcement was applauded by several United States (US) officials including State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert, who also commended Bahrain’s “welcoming environment for religious minorities and their right to worship.” Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in[…]

United Nations Human Rights Committee Releases Concluding Observations for Bahrain’s First ICCPR Review

26 July 2018 – Today, the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee released its concluding observations regarding Bahrain’s initial International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) periodic report. This marks Bahrain’s first review of compliance with treaty obligations under the ICCPR, despite ratifying the Covenant in 2006. The report comes over a decade late,[…]