UAE Sentences Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith to 10 Years in Prison

29 March 2017—Today the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals issued its final verdict against prominent Emirati academic and economist Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith, sentencing him to ten years in prison. Dr. bin Ghaith faced several charges related to exercising his rights to free expression and association. His sentencing comes nine days after Emirati authorities arrested and[…]

Where Is He? Eight months later, Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith is still disappeared

On 18 August 2015, UAE security forces arrested Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith, an Emirati economics professor and prominent academic. They arrested him in relation to tweets he allegedly posted in which he criticized Egypt. Eight months later the government has still not revealed his whereabouts and nothing has been heard from him. This is not[…]