The Cross-Sectarian Appeal of Sheikh Nimr’s Ideals

Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr was an ardent advocate against all forms of oppression. He was a Shia cleric who pushed for equality for Saudi Arabia’s Shia Muslim population, while also promoting increased political freedom for the kingdom’s Sunni Muslims. His ideals have resonated around the country and across sectarian lines. Much of the appeal of[…]

Oman Arresting Journalists in Affront to Free Press

In an attempt to stifle freedom of speech, Omani authorities have recently arrested three journalists from Azamn daily newspaper in connection to an article that was published on 26 July 2016. Officials believe the article criticized the country’s judiciary, and used this as the basis for the journalists’ arrests. On 9 August 2016, Oman’s Ministry[…]

Ghada Jamsheer at risk of re-arrest for tweets

Bahraini human rights defender Ghada Jamsheer is in danger of being re-arrested following the decision of an appeals court to increase her sentence. The charges are in relation to several tweets attributed to Jamsheer in which she accused the royally-operated King Hamad Hospital of corruption. Jamsheer leads  a network of women human rights defenders (WHRDs)[…]