Repression Climates in Bahrain: Summoning as a Vindictive Approach for Silencing Voices

The Bahraini government promotes its human rights record through formal steps taken from time to time. These efforts often aim to cover up its violations and present an incomplete picture of the human rights situation in the country. Since the start of the popular demand movement in 2011, there has been no real reform. However,[…]

Seeking Justice for Iraq’s Disappeared Protesters: A Continuing Struggle

With four years passing since the Tishreen Uprising in Iraq, the echoes of the protests for justice, accountability, and a better future still resound within the nation. However, these demands have remained largely unmet, overshadowed by a grim reality of enforced disappearances and a lack of accountability for the brutal crackdown on peaceful demonstrators. The[…]

Yemen: The Forgotten War’s Crimes Must Be Remembered

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, the topic of war crimes is once again being debated in mainstream media. Putin’s army is committing atrocious acts such as the killing of innocent civilians, targeting non-military institutions, and mistreatment of prisoners of war. These crimes are broadcast globally and rightfully condemned. Already, we have[…]