Dispatch: How the US Arms Export Industry Sustain Human Rights Violators in the Yemen War

The report Trends in International Arms Transfers by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has confirmed The United States’ first position in the top 5 largest worldwide arms exporters for several years now. The period from 2015 to 2019 has demonstrated a crucial time for the US to re-establish their commercial supremacy in the[…]

COVID-19: How the Pandemic used by GCC Governments to Double Down on Human Rights Violations

The COVID-19 has infected millions of people around the world and has compelled governments to take extraordinary measures to combat its spread across the population. However, these actions pose a risk of infringing upon international human rights law standards, even if COVID-19 poses a significant threat to public health. Declaring a state of emergency can[…]

France’s Double Standards

Q: Can France be a leader in regard to freedom of expression when artists / journalists are killed in the countries supported by France?  In a democracy, freedom of expression is a fundamental right which cannot be compromised. Historically, France has taken a leading role in regard to free speech. Dating back to the French[…]

“Throw Migrant workers into the Desert”: How COVID-19 Exacerbates the Suffering of Kuwait’s Invisible Workers

The coronavirus pandemic is an all-encompassing world-wide problem, and has affected an incalculable number of countries, regions and facets of society. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable people in society are proving to be the worst hit. One particularly vulnerable group in this time of crisis are the migrant workers in Kuwait. A series of Arab celebrities[…]

Saudi Arabia: When Impunity becomes a Policy of the Kingdom

In June 2017, Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) was appointed as the new heir to the throne of Saudi Arabia. Before his appointment, little was known about MbS on the international stage. Many prominent Americans with Saudi ties were eager to frame him as a progressive modernising reformer. This could be said for certain surface-level reforms,[…]