Profile in Persecution: Hasan Ateya Mubarak

Hasan Ateya Mubarak, an employee of a company, was 37 years old when he was arrested by Bahraini authorities from his home in Karzakan. During his detention, he was subjected to torture and threats and was subsequently tried in an unfair trial. He is currently serving his sentence in Jau prison.   On 6 August 2017,[…]

Bahrain’s Crackdown on Pro-Palestine Activism: A Violation of Rights

In recent months, Bahrain has witnessed a distressing wave of arrests and suppression of pro-Palestine activism, prompting concerns over human rights violations and freedom of expression in the country. Reports from Human Rights Watch (HRW) have highlighted a disturbing trend where Bahraini authorities targeted individuals participating in pro-Palestine protests, including minors and online advocates. These[…]

Profile in Persecution: Husain Ali Khamis Barbar

Updated: Husain Ali Khamis Barbar was an 18-year-old Bahraini student when he was arbitrarily arrested a few months after finishing high school. During his detention, he was subjected to torture, solitary confinement, an unfair trial, medical neglect, provocation, and humiliation. He is currently serving a 17-year and six-month prison sentence on charges of political background[…]

Profile in Persecution: Ali Husain AlTaraifi

Ali was an 18-year-old high school student at Jidhafs Secondary Industrial School for Boys when he was arrested on 13 November 2019. Additionally, he is a former volleyball player at the Bani Jamra Club. Ali had been arrested several times, occasionally multiple times in a single day, during his minor years. During his last detention,[…]

Profile in Persecution: Ali Fadhel Abbas

Updated: Ali Fadhel Abbas, a 21-year-old garage worker, was arbitrarily arrested in 2019 at Bahrain International Airport upon returning from Iraq, where he visited the shrine of Imam Husain on the 40th day of his martyrdom. During his detention, he endured torture, forced disappearance, and medical neglect. Currently, he is held at Jau prison, serving[…]